Cover Crops

Custom Blending

Protect and enhanced your valuable soil. We can custom blend any of ourĀ over 25 different cover crops available to meet your needs and maximize your yield potential.

Cover Crops are multi-purpose plants grown to help accomplish various Agronomic, Economic, and Environmental benefits. Typically they are planted immediately following cash crop harvest, prior to cash crop planting, or even seeded into standing crops.

Benefits of Cover Crops

Agronomic Benefits
  • improved drainage
  • compaction alleviation
  • improved soil structure
  • weed suppression
  • added organic matter
  • enhanced biological activity
  • increased earthworm activity
  • more efficient nutrient cycling
  • attraction of beneficial insects
Economic Benefits
  • improved yields
  • decreased inputs
  • fewer herbicides needed
  • reduced fertilizer costs
  • increased profits
  • less risk
  • improved soil quality
Environmental Benefits
  • reduced soil erosion
  • reduced nutrient leaching
  • increased water filtration
  • improved water quality
  • improved water holding capacity

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