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At Black Swamp Ag, Inc. we are farmers first, working to improve soil health.

  • Everything we offer we use on our farm
  • We treat your field like it is one of ours
  • We do what is best for the soil, field and farm

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Compare Us vs Others

We store gypsum inside

  • Gypsum stays dry for best possible spread pattern
  • Moisture content consistent, doesn’t gain weight from rain
  • We have capacity to store 6,000 tons of gypsum inside and out of the rain

They pile in your field

  • Time is wasted
  • Product is lost loading out of and cleaning up piles

We leave a minimal footprint on your soil

  • Gypsum delivered in belt trailers loaded directly to applicator with belt conveyor
  • No pile, no lost product, least possible compaction

They compact your soil

  • Compacted soil in area where loaded trucks dump, turn, and a loader fills applicator
  • Soil is compacted

We don’t leave piles in your field

  • Less waste and clean up
  • More efficient application
  • Double spread for even coverage

They store gypsum outside

  • Exposed to weather rain/freeze that affects how the gypsum spreads
  • Swells as moisture adds weight to pile changing moisture percentage of product

We offer less compaction

  • No heavy loader or semi trailers
  • Lightweight conveyor
  • Floater moves faster across the field

Owners are directly involved

  • Operate the spreader
  • Meet with farmers and land owners
  • Move the conveyer
  • Drive the trucks


We offer hybrid seed corn, soybean seed, private label seed wheat, and cover crop seed.



- Structured Refuge Hybrids
- Conventional Hybrids
- 1st Blend Hybrids

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- LibertyLink R
- Glyphosate Tolerant
- Tenuity R Roundup Ready 2 Yield R

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- Private Label Soft Red Winter Wheat

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Cover Crops

Enhance your soil with a custom blend of cover crops.

We can custom blend any of our over 25 different cover crops available to meet your needs and maximize your yield potential.

The Benefits of Cover Crops

Water Conditioning Systems

Take a test drive on your farm or at your home.

About the Pursanova Water System

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